OMENTAL ART started as regular a club night events around Kuala Lumpur‟s clubbing circuit in the midst of 2008."From Bedroom to Big Room‟ is OMENTAL ART motto. An event management cum DJ Academy cum Booking Agency renowned for its uniquely open concept club night; it provides a platform for new, upcoming talented local DJs. Serving a proper exposure for bedroom DJs to demonstrate their skills in actual club atmosphere

From a humble start - as a gathering night among friends that love music and party,
OMENTAL ART turned to be one of the most on demand events around Malaysia.

5 years of experience in distribution of promotion material of cultural dance events, publicity, production assistance, stage managing, bookings, writing for magazines, internet & playing as a DJ as well as working with creative people made him want to create a home base for all these activities.

OMENTAL ART kept expanding its activities, collaborating with various organizations, promoting artists within their booking agency and selective others, taking concepts abroad, providing news about events and scene developments. Hard work and dedication of the past brought todays company; a steady event-, bookings agency and music label.

Other then conducting and promoting club nights, OMENTAL ART once again move a step further by starting its own amateur DJ program. Started as a compliment among closest friends and followers who show their interest in DJing, a number of loyal male and female students are gradually increasing. Until now, The Academy DJing program have produced a few number of new talented DJs which has now started rocking the dance floor as a guest appearance or holding up club residencies and even winning a big, established local and international.


If you would like to organize an event but don’t know where to start, you need some extra people, are looking for a stage manager or producer, want to create a concept, need music, performers and/or visuals, or want to book an existing concept: we can advise you, make contacts or create a concept that fits to your wishes.


Informing the public of your event in the city where it will take place and its surroundings, it all starts with Publicity and Promotion.Everything that is needed for a promotion campaign, Soulrock can offer you the whole deal or bits of the total package. Omental works together with printers, designers and distributors